Fabric Options

Single Sided Solid Block-Out

Scrim Vinyl with a black black, that offers 100 % privacy. Includes any image on one side.


A 30% open vinyl mesh with a white back that allows wind to flow through. Includes any image on one side. Note: Mesh is a see through product and is not recommended where privacy is the main concern.

Double-Sided Block-Out

This option allows you to print any image on both sides and provides 100% privacy.

Wind Slits

Half moon shaped slits cut into the fabric with a heat knife.
This is a great finish to add on non-locking gates to minimize sale effect.
Wind Slits can be added to either block out product for added wind flow.


A 1” piece of pvc dipped webbing added to the outside edge of your order and heat-fused for added strength.
*Standard option includes a heat welded edge which consists of either product folded onto itself and heat fused for strength. Adequate for most small gates.


Every order includes grommets every 12”. Allows zip ties and other fastening materials to secure your Gate Screen product.

Gate Screen does not include zip ties with your order


For material images, measuring tips, and installation procedures. Please contact info@gatescreen.com for a pdf guide.